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Drink Botanicals Ireland was founded in 2017 by Gin enthusiast- Laura McCarthy.

Our mission is simple - To provide customers with a unique opportunity to experiment, have fun and create an infused beverage of their choice using our premium botanical ranges.

Our products can be found in over 200+ supermarkets and Off-Licences in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. Click here to find your nearest stockist or buy online today.

Drink Botanicals Ireland Product Portfolio

Mini Gin Fusion Kit:

This Gin Fusion Kit contains everything you need to craft the perfect gin and tonic at home.

The selection of botanicals contained in the kit will definitely make your gin-based drink a true masterpiece!

Each Gin Fusion Kit  makes 20-25 luxurious gin and tonics.

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The Expert Gin Fusion Kit:

This premium Expert Gin Fusion Kit contains everything you need to craft your own Gin and Tonic at home.

Take your Gin and Tonic level up a notch! The selection of botanicals included will refine any gin and tonic of your choice and seriously impress your guests!

Included in the set are 5 aluminium jars of flavoursome botanicals including, ginger root, cardamom pods, hibiscus flower, star anise and juniper berries that make up to 100 Gin and Tonics! The set also comes supplied with a luxurious stainless steel cocktail spoon and measuring jigger.

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The Expert Cocktail Kit:

This kit is designed for cocktail lovers who enjoy making unique cocktail combinations. It contains all the professional cocktail making utensils you need, a selection of premium botanicals and a recipe booklet to allow you to make a true cocktail masterpiece!

Create any cocktail of your choice including; Tequila sunrise, Rose Bliss, Orange delight, Pink Lady, Grapefruit mule, Hibiscus Fizz, Blood orange sour and much more!

Inside this two door limited edition cocktail box is a selection of premium botanicals including; Rose Buds, Dehydrated Blood Orange Quarters, Hibiscus Flower and Grapefruit Peel.

This set also includes a stainless steel jigger, cocktail spoon, cocktail shaker, measuring pourer and a recipe booklet to make your favourite cocktail.

Simply garnish your cocktail with our premium botanicals to take your cocktail up a level!

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