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Drink Botanicals Ireland was founded in 2017 by Gin enthusiast- Laura McCarthy. Our aim is to provide customers with an alternative way of infusing a standard Gin & Tonic and allowing one to enjoy an 'up-styled' G & T in the comfort of their own home or party atmosphere. Our Gin Fusion Kit is now available in over 120 supermarkets and Off-Licences in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. Click here to find your nearest stockist

Drink Botanicals Ireland Gin Fusion Kits

Whats does each kit contain?

Each Gin Fusion Kit contains 4 of the most flavoursome botanicals (Juniper Berries, Hibiscus Flower, Cardamom Pods and Pink Peppercorn) to give your standard Gin And Tonic extra flavour, aroma and spice. Every kit comes supplied with a serving spoon and a 4 compartment resealable tub. Each kit makes 15-20 luxurious G & T's !

Raising Spirits!

Over 120+ Stockists Across Ireland And The United Kingdom

We are proud to be the No.1 supplier of Gin Fusion Kits in Ireland & the United Kingdom.
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