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Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Freeze-dried Strawberries 

  • 25G contain approximately 50 slices
  • 100G contains approximately 200 + slices

100% pure and natural freeze-dried Strawberries. Freeze drying is a long-used technique to preserve perishable foods with maximum flavour and aroma.


Add a fruity pink burst to your cocktail, gin and tonics & homemade drinks with freeze-dried Strawberries. Our freeze-dried strawberries are also ideal for snacking, desserts, yoghurt, sorbets, cakes, smoothies, tea, and baking. 


With a longer shelf life of 2 years, our professionally dried fruits will help you reduce fruit waste, whether used at home or in a bar!


Recommended Serving: Garnish your drink with 1 or 2 strawberry slices.

2-year shelf-life.

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