Types of Cocktail Glasses

Highball & Tom Collins glasses

A highball glass is the ‘jack of all trades’ of glassware. It can be used for any long cocktail.

A Tom Collins glass is a little bit taller than a highball, but it’s not necessary to own both.

Rocks & Old Fashioned glasses

A rocks glass is a small, short, sturdy tumbler that is perfect for straight spirits and muddled drinks such as a strawberry daiquiri or mojito.

The old fashioned glass is slightly larger and is sometimes called a double rocks glass.

Martini Glass

A martini glass can be used for a lot of cocktails. Its distinctive triangular shape allows you to make the most extravagant cocktails!

Champaign Flute

Champaign flute glasses allow you to keep bubbles intact in sparkling beverages, hence the natural pairing with champagne. This type of glass can be used for a wide variety of cocktails.

Margarita Glass

Many cocktails can be served in a margarita glass. It’s seriously worth investing in the correct glass to show the cocktail at its best.

Margarita Glass Cocktail Drink Botanicals Ireland

Coupe Glass

Originally made for serving champagne, coupe glasses are now more likely to be used for serving up ice-free cocktails made in the cocktail shaker or stirred.

Balloon Glass

Balloon glasses are perfect for serving a gin and tonic. The large glass allows the botanicals to be released adequately.

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