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Dried Red Rose Petals 

Our edible red rose petals can be put to many different uses but our favourite has to be using them as a cocktail garnish.

Rose petals can also also be used for making delicious tea blends, baking, decorating cakes, making handmade soaps and much more!
Not only that, they can also be used as a 100% natural & compostable confetti.

For cocktails : Add a pinch of the rose petals to create a beautiful floral aroma and decorative touch.

They really add a touch of elegance to your glass!

2 year shelf-life.


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Product: Red Rose Petals 
Latin Name:
 Rose Centifolian
Plant Family:

Other Names: Begal Rose, China Rose, Chinese Tea Rose, Edward Rose, Fairy Rose, Monthly Rose, Yue Ji Hua, Chini Gulaab, Kat Gulaab, Rosier de Chine and Rose di Cina.

Description: Plucked from a romantic rose, these reddish-pink dried petals have a fantastic floral aroma and stunning colour.


Drink Botanicals Ireland Red Rose Petals can be put to many different uses, but our favourite has got to be using them as a cocktail garnish. However, our dried red rose petals can also be used as eco-friendly confetti for weddings, sleep pillows, scented sachets, or even DIY bath bombs. Dried rose petals are also great for garnishing for coffees, especially rose floral lattes!

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