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Red Chilli Threads

Drink Botanicals Ireland Red Chilli Thread Strings are subtly-spicy.

Use chilli string threads as a seasoning with a decorative character wherever a light chilli sharpness is needed.

Red chilli rings are a wonderful garnish for cocktails, especially spicy margaritas.  Chilli strings add beautiful colour to your glass and give your drink a wonderful, refreshing and spicy taste.

Our chilli threads are also great as a decoration for salads, pasta, and other spicy dishes.

2-year shelf life.

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About Dried Red Chilli Threads:

Sil-gochu (실고추), often translated as chili threads, chilli threads, or chili pepper threads, is a traditional Korean food garnish made with chili peppers.

Dried Chilli threads / strings are therefore used more for decorative garnishes. As a garnish, they are suitable for almost all dishes. You can even quickly fry them.


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