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Freeze-dried Raspberries 

30g = Approximately 60 raspberries per bag

100g = Approximately 200+ raspberries per bag

100% pure and natural freeze-dried raspberries. Freeze drying is a long-used technique to preserve perishable foods with maximum flavour and aroma.


Add a fruity pink burst to your cocktail, gin and tonics, and homemade drinks with freeze-dried Raspberries. Our freeze-dried raspberries are also ideal for snacking, desserts, yoghurt, sorbets, cakes, smoothies, tea, and baking. 


With a longer shelf life of 2 years, our professionally dried fruits will help you reduce fruit waste, whether used at home or in a bar!


Recommended: Garnish your drink with 1 or 2 raspberries. 

2-year shelf-life.


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100% natural retaining 96% of the original flavour, vitamins, minerals and aroma!

Freeze Dried raspberries are pure raspberries that are dehydrated to one-seventh of their original weight with no additives or nasty stuff!  They can be reconstituted as desired, with less than 20g making up one of your “five-a-day”.

Freeze-dried raspberries are raspberries that have had the moisture removed through intense cold rather than heat. Commercially freeze-dried raspberries are frozen, then vacuum-sealed to pull out all of the water. This preservation method is popular among proponents of green living because it requires no artificial preservatives and allows the berries to retain most of their nutrients

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30 grams, 100 grams

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