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Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Pieces  

100% pure and natural freeze-dried passion fruit pieces. Our Freeze-dried Passion Fruit pieces have a refreshing burst of exotic flavour and give a delicious sweet yet slightly tart taste.

Freeze drying is a long-used technique to preserve perishable foods with maximum flavour and aroma.

Our passion fruit pieces are ideal for garnishing cocktails such as pornstar martinis, or even eating as a snack, for baking & much more!

For cocktails: sprinkle your cocktail with a pinch of our freeze-dried passion fruit .

With a longer shelf life of 2 years, our professionally freeze-dried passion fruit will help you reduce fruit waste, whether used at home or in a bar!

Other Uses: 

  • Try baked into your favourite dessert
  • Add as a garnish for cocktails
  • Add as decoration on cakes
  • Delicious addition to muesli or granola
  • No added colours, flavours, preservatives or additives
  • Ready to eat, great as a snack
  • Just 100% fruit

Shelf life once opened: 2 years.

No additives or preservatives!



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About this item

  • Raw food, no added sugar
  • Gluten-free, suitable for vegans
  • 100% pure fruit, natural product
  • GMO-free, no preservatives
  • High in vitamins, source of antioxidants, hand made

Freeze-dried passion fruit is a healthy and delicious fruit. These are simply passionfruit pieces with no sweeteners or preservatives. They have a natural sweet and tart taste that makes for a perfect snack. Freeze-dried passion fruit is an excellent source of fibre, antioxidants and vitamins.

Freeze-dried passion fruit pieces are sweet, sour, and easy to eat. Slightly crunchy, freeze-dried passion fruit is a delicious fruity topping for cocktails, drinks, and more. Mix some passion fruit pieces into your morning cereal for natural sweetness. Munching on freeze-dried passion fruit is a great way to supercharge your antioxidant and vitamin levels!

Freeze-dried fruits are very nutritious, delicious and hardly differ from fresh products in terms of nutritional value, taste and colour.

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