Dehydrated Dried Lemon Slices (40g)


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Natural Dehydrated Lemon Slices (40g)

Approximately 18 servings per bag.

Ideal for both domestic and professional usage.

Our dehydrated fruits do not lose any of their beneficial properties. All dehydrated fruits have low-temperature dehydration to keep and maintain their maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients.

All of our dehydrated fruits are hydrated using a very low temperature over 17 hours, without added sugar, preservatives or additives, all of which are natural.

Dried lemon slices are very sweet and add a zesty, aromatic flavour to your gin and tonic or cocktail-based drink.

Dried lemon slices can also be used for teas or infusions, sangria, carbonated drinks, detox waters, desserts, recipes, decorations, wreath-making and much more!

Lemon slices combine very well with most cocktails, such as rum, gin, vodka, vermouth, sangria, and more.

Dried lemon slices are the ideal garnish for cocktails!

With a longer shelf life and maximum flavour, our professionally dried lemon slices will help you reduce fruit waste, whether used at home or in a bar!

Recommended: Garnish your cocktail with one slice of lemon and stir with a mixing spoon to release the flavours.

2-year shelf-life.


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