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Dehydrated Apple Slices

  • 60g contains approximately¬† 40 + apple slices.
  • 100g contains approximately 60+ apple slices

100% pure & natural, dehydrated apple slices.

Ideal for both domestic and professional usage.

Our dehydrated fruits do not lose any of their beneficial properties.  We use low-temperature dehydration to keep and maintain their maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients.

All of our dehydrated fruits are hydrated using a very low temperature over 17 hours, without added sugar, preservatives or additives, all of which are natural.

Our edible dehydrated apples give your cocktail a deliciously sweet taste, bursting with flavour.

Dehydrated apple slices are ideal for enhancing the flavour of your cocktail, gin and tonic or homemade drinks. Our dried apple slices are also ideal for snacking, desserts, yoghurt, sorbets, cakes, smoothies, tea, baking, wreath making and more.

Our apple slices are dried extremely slowly so that the flavour becomes very intense and flavoursome.

Recommended Serving: Garnish your drink with 1 dehydrated apple slice.

2-year shelf-life.


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