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Natural Dehydrated Blood Orange Slices 

Eliminate fruit waste by using our premium garnishes! 

Our dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits have a shelf life of 2 + years. All garnishes come supplied in kraft, resealable pouches, which are fully recyclable ♻️ 

No refrigeration is needed! Store at room temperature.

Our dehydrated blood orange slices are ideal for both domestic and professional usage.

All of our dehydrated fruits are dried using a very low temperature over 17 hours, without added sugar, preservatives or additives, all of which are natural.

Blood oranges have a complex flavour that is reminiscent of navel oranges but are more floral, tart and sweeter.

Our blood orange slices can be used for cocktails, teas or infusions, sangria, carbonated drinks, detox waters, desserts, recipes, decorations, wreath-making and much more!

Dried blood oranges are exceptionally sweet and add a zesty, aromatic flavour to your gin and tonic or cocktail-based drink.

Recommended for drinks: Garnish your cocktail with one slice of blood orange and stir with a mixing spoon to release the flavours.

2-year shelf-life.

Approximate Servings:

40 grams: 17 + servings

100 grams: 40 + servings


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Product: Blood Orange Slices, Dried
Latin Name: Citrus × sinensis
Plant Family: Rutaceae

Other Names: Sweet Orange, Naranja Douce, Orange Douce, Sinaasappelschil, Orangenschale and & Kulit Jeruk.

Description: No more having to dry your own orange slices anymore, just reach for a pack of our dehydrated blood Orange Slices and fill your home with the popular citrus fragrance with a lot less fuss!

Our dehydrated blood oranges do not lose any of their beneficial properties.  We use low-temperature dehydration to keep and maintain their maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Dried blood orange slices are exceptionally sweet and add a zesty, aromatic flavour to your gin and tonic or cocktail-based drink.

Dried / dehydrated blood orange slices combine very well with most cocktails, for example, rum, gin, vodka, vermouth or sangria or Aperol spritz. Blood oranges are also delicious as a snack or for baking purposes.

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50 grams, 100 grams

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