How To Create The Perfect Gin & Tonic Using Our Gin Fusion Kit

Homemade Infused Gin & Tonic
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Infused Gin Recipe:

1. Fill a fishbowl glass with ice and stir with a spoon until chilled

2. Add 2 or 3 Juniper Berries to create an intensified pleasant scent.

3. Add a pinch of pink peppercorns to create a spicy aroma and a touch of colour.

4. Crush 1 or 2 cardamom pods into your glass to generate a soft spicy flavour with a hint of sweetness.

5. Add 1 or 2 petals of hibiscus to your glass to create a ruby red colour and floral aroma.

6. Pour in 40ml of your desired Gin and 140ml of Tonic.

7. Garnish with either: Lemon peel, Orange Peel, Grapefruit wedge or Rosemary herb.

8. Best consumed with a straw.